Have you come across the concept of sacred, or cyclical time, that the Maya live with? It’s a key element of the old Mesoamerican calendar ( yes one of those Mayan calendars everyone was freaked out about in 2012). I wrote a book about it. Flies in the face of our v

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Thanks for including Rovelli's viewpoint! Very fun stuff to think about.

I think about the instant of the Big Bang all the time. I tell myself that time and space didn't yet, not until that moment. Time is dependent on distance and speed, and if there was no distance, there could be no time; not only does it check out tautologically, but the idea of "time" being something that absolutely has to always flow no matter what seems silly to me. Rather, I should paraphrase: concluding that's the way nature works seems silly.

Pieces like these are always welcome, and they are always fun!

And, I am so glad I was able to help push the conversation along just a hair!

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